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East of Brighton Road

Landscape and drainage

East of Brighton Road

The site lies on the edge of the Area of Outstanding Natural beauty, so it is essential that the proposal carefully considers the local landscape and ensures that the development is sympathetic to the landscape setting. Thakeham’s proposals include a number of measures to integrate the new homes into the local setting, including:

  • Landscape buffers and planting will be provided along the M23 and Brighton Road, to screen traffic from views from the south.
  • A minimum 15m buffer zone will be provided between new houses and the edge of the Tilgate Forest.
  • Landscaped buffers and open spaces throughout the development which will include new play spaces, footpaths and cycle routes.
  • A planted buffer will be provided along the border with Parish Lane, to maintain the road’s rural character.
  • Retaining prominent trees within the site, as well as leaving space for new hedges and trees within the built areas.
  • A large central green space within the development, with trees and leisure facilities.
  • A new lake on the eastern edge of the site, allowing sustainable drainage and enhancing biodiversity.


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