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East of Brighton Road

Meeting local housing needs

East of Brighton Road

Housing need in Mid Sussex

The amount of housing required in Mid Sussex has recently been increased from 650 to 800 homes per year until 2031. The site has been proposed for allocation as a strategic site in the emerging Mid Sussex District Plan. As part of this development, Thakeham will provide for new infrastructure and services through significant financial contributions which are secured using binding legal agreements, which are a requirement of the grant of planning permission.

Affordable Housing

In 2013, there were 4,856 households on the council’s housing waiting list in Mid Sussex. In that year, only 140 new affordable homes were built in the District. The plans for the Pease Pottage site will provide 48 new affordable homes within the first phase, with 183 affordable homes being delivered across the whole development to help to address affordable housing need; that’s 30% of the housing being provided as affordable housing, comprising homes for affordable rent and shared ownership.

Shared ownership:The property is owned by a housing association who provides the buyer with the chance to buy a part share of the property. Rent is paid on the remaining share and through time the buyer can increase their shareholding.

Affordable rent:The property is owned by a housing association and rent is paid to the housing association. Rents are set at a maximum of 80% of the market rent.


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