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East of Brighton Road

Transport solutions

East of Brighton Road


A number of improvements to local roads are included as part of the development proposals. The plans include two access routes into the site, one at a new four-arm roundabout opposite the Moto service station and another through Parish Lane.

To help mitigate the increased amount of traffic generated on local roads, a number of improvements to local roads are also included in the proposals. These involve:

  • Upgrading Brighton Road to a dual carriageway.
  • The provision of easy access to the A23.
  • Incorporating access to the Moto service station through the new four-arm roundabout.

Public transport

The proposals include the extension of bus route 1 into the new development. There are three new bus stops planned for the site, ensuring that no-where in the development is more than 400m away from a bus stop. The extension of the bus route will also ensure improved access to public transport for existing Pease Pottage residents.


Pedestrian and cycle access

Two new toucan crossings are proposed, one on Brighton Road and one on Horsham Road. The crossings will be controlled by traffic lights and allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross together. In addition, new sections of footway will be provided and some sections of existing paths will be widened on to the Horsham Road over the A23 bridge.

Cycle access to the development will be provided through Parish Lane, which Route 20 of the Sustrans National Cycle Network runs along. Cycle storage will also be included in the new development.


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