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Our vision is to create a new village, sheltered by woodland that takes inspiration from the character of traditional Mid-Sussex settlements, but with a layout reflecting the long tradition of model village building.

  • Access will be provided via a new junction with Brighton Road in the form of an entrance avenue which passes through an entrance green and is flanked by gateway buildings.
  • Focused on a large central green offering a range of opportunities for sport, relaxation and community life to flourish.
  • Grouped around the central green will be the St Catherine’s Hospice building together with a community hall, shop and café run by and for the benefit of the charity. 
  • The approximately 600 new homes will suit a variety of needs and include bungalows for the elderly, starter homes for first time buyers, high quality family housing and affordable homes.
  • A number of character areas will define distinct neighbourhoods within the new village, where subtle variation in the architectural and landscape design offers a series of unique experiences.
  • A series of interlinked routes and landscaped spaces will radiate out from the central green, becoming less formal in character as they extend towards the edges of the village.  
  • Consideration is also being given to the delivery of up to 1 form entry primary school.


Perspective image 1.jpg  Perspective image 4.jpg

Indicative example of village green and architecture for a potential character area   




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