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East of Brighton Road

St Catherine's

East of Brighton Road

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Who we are

St Catherine’s Hospice provides skilled and compassionate end of life care to individuals and support for their loved ones.  Each year we care for over 2,000 people across the communities of Sussex and Surrey and it is our mission to help even more people affected by death and dying locally.

What we do

Many people think that a hospice is a place where you spend your final moments. At St Catherine’s, we focus on helping people to make the most of the time they have left - whether that is years, months or weeks.  We focus on encouraging our patients to live well and recognise they are more than just their illness.

Our main hospice, currently based in central Crawley, has an 18 bed In Patient Unit for those patients with more complex medical needs or looking for respite care. However, the majority of our care is provided in patients own homes; where they feel most comfortable. As well as practical care we also offer emotional support, welfare advice, occupational and physiotherapy, complementary therapies, spiritual care and creative activities. Our care focuses on each individual as a whole and we recognise that emotional support is just as important as the physical care we provide.

All of these services are free to patients and families, but cost over £15,000 a day to provide. We receive less than a third of our running costs from the NHS and for the rest we rely on the generosity and support of our local community. Without their incredible support, we wouldn’t be able to care for those who need us and we are very thankful.

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