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A great opportunity

With a close understanding of the challenges faced, a St Catherine’s supporter whose mother and close friend were cared for by the hospice, kindly donated five acres of land in Pease Pottage.

Having seen first-hand the difference hospice care can make to both patients and their loved ones, the desire is for this site to be used for additional hospice services for the people of Sussex and Surrey. This kind donation would ensure this support was available for many people for years to come.

The site at Pease Pottage is part of a larger development project being managed by Thakeham.

Thakeham have an outstanding reputation for building projects that enhance local communities and, as a gesture of goodwill, have committed to funding the service road into the hospice, paying the initial design and architectural fees as well as considering the best way to integrate St Catherine’s into the new community.

We hope this will help us achieve our ambition of encouraging people to think differently about hospices and help us to capture the hearts and minds of even more local people.


The facility

We are currently in the very early stages of designing the new hospice and are carefully considering how the building, and the services we offer, best meet patient needs and promote a sense of wellbeing. The setting will provide a pleasent environment for individuals and we want the building to do the same.

We envisage the new hospice to have more of a spa feel instead of a clinical environment; promoting a sense of comfort, wellbeing and encouraging people to live well. We are considering every possibility during this planning stage of how patient and family care can be improved, with an emphasis being placed on comfortable spaces for families so they can stay close to  their loved one should they wish, but also have space for themselves.

We will also have improved physiotherapy, occupational therapy and complementary therapy facilities and once we have reached more definitive decisions on what these facilities will look like, we will share this information with you.




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